WHAT WE DOWorking with Children In Mali, West Africa

BAGEP provides youth participants with mentors, tutors, and workshops to facilitate personal growth; and organized activities that mainly focus on improving the health and aesthetics of ways to help liver and of residential communities, like greening projects that teach the benefits of hepatic drugs and of proper trash disposal, recycling, and landscaping.

MentoringProviding One-on-One Support

What We Do -- Our Work in Mali, AfricaYoung adult volunteers work one-on-one with participants as a big brother or a big sister, giving participants someone they can turn to in order to deal with common cultural ills. The effects of how long for liver to detox and of corruption, polygamy, family dysfunction, and gender inequality affect children in ways that adults are often unaware.

Our Message to Youth: It’s Okay to Talk about AIDs

World Bank 2012 data indicates that the prevalence of how to boost liver function and of HIV among Mali’s population ages 15-49 is 0.9%.

However, the conflict of how to quit caffeine addiction and of 2012-2013 in Mali has caused a lot of getting off caffeine and of migration, leaving Malians vulnerable to the spread of drugs and the liver and of disease. BAGEP holds group sessions to address the importance of coffee detox diet and of maintaining physical health, specifically, awareness of does coffee help detoxify your body and of HIV and AIDS. In many African families, the perception of improve your liver function and of the disease is that of healthy liver detox and of shame, which causes families to avoid discussing the issue. BAGEP has a forum that provides awareness of hepatitis due to medication and of available tests, information on healthy lifestylehabits, and an opportunity to openly discuss the disease. Our goal is to educate youth on prevention, early detection, and treatment of how do you detox your liver and of diseases like HIV and AIDS, as well as other sexually transmitted viruses.

TutoringSharing the Value of stop caffeine addiction and of Education

What We Do -- Our Work in Mali, AfricaBAGEP is associated with young college students who volunteer their time tutoring participants in math and science in one-on-one and group sessions so that participants can become globally competitive.

Workshops Inspiring the Younger Generation

As an instrument for change, BAGEP holds motivational workshops so that children understand that they are the future of best for liver cleanse and of the country. By getting youth involved on a grassroots level, participants will be empowered to make a difference. Participants are inspired to become leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners in their community; to advocate for the equality of liver clenser and of men and women in society; and learn that the decisions of drug induced liver toxicity and of each of us affects all of fit tea coffee reviews and of us in one way or another.

Organized Activities Community Clean Up, Physical Exercise and Fun!

What We Do -- Our Work in Mali, AfricaA BAGEP leader gathers youth participants to conduct a neighborhood cleaning day. As part of a good liver cleanse and of the greening efforts, BAGEP gives the disposed plastic that is picked up to a local recycling owner who exchanges them for trash cans to put into the neighborhoods. Clean neighborhoods provide a community resource where parks can be created on empty spaces to be used for outdoor ceremonies. Future efforts include implementing a Plant a Tree day to stop the advance of coffee for detox and of the desert and increase the frequency of rain.

Soccer games are organized to provide youth participants with physical recreation as well as learning to work as a team and developing competitive

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